Research | Educating for the Anthropocene

In October 2015, I have started my work as a research student and a Gates Scholar at the Faculty of Education at University of Cambridge. Here I am focusing on my next major research project entitled ‘Educating for the Anthropocene.’ Given the extent of environmental destruction facing the planet and humanity, a key question faces academics and policy-makers alike: How do we educate young people for the Anthropocene? My research addresses this question through a multi-sited ethnography among people displaced by a dam in Northern India, and a fenceline community living near a petrochemical industry zone in South Africa. Environmental justice activists are active in both places, and my research draws on their efforts to raise consciousness among the youth in suggesting policy interventions to make our education systems more capable of addressing the challenges of the Anthropocene.

Please also check the Causes page for organizations that work in the field of education that I recommend supporting.