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  • "Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability and the Relocation of the Bikinians, 1946-1978," The World Outlook #39 (2011)

    Through an environmental history perspective, this paper explores the resettlement of 167 inhabitants of the Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands in 1946, demonstrates the incompatibility of the resettlement sites on Rongerik Atoll and Kili island with the Bikinian traditional sustenance patterns based on the three after the attempted return to Bikini in 1972, consequent malnourishment, social dislocation, culture degradation as well as a number of cancer-related deaths show an alarming level of negligence on the part of U.S. policy makers responsible for the resettlement. Further impediments of social justice—failure American victims of nuclear testing—support the interpretation of the U.S. nuclear tests as instances of toxic dumping with quiet approval of the American media and the general public. The paper points out the consequent loss of self- reliance and environmental sustainability inherent in the traditional Bikinian of foreign aid.
  • Shakespeare in Two Cultures: Theater as an Agent of Moral Education’ (with Andrew Garrod), paper presented at the Association for Moral Education Conference, Nanjing, China, October 2011

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