Research | Scalability

One of my long-term research interests is the scalability of development interventions. The research that led up to my first monograph Visions of Development examined the historical continuities between colonial-era notions of development and post-Independence policies in India. In my future work, I intend to build on this earlier research by exploring  the ways in which contemporary development policy is shaped by ideas that trespass national, cultural and linguistic boundaries. To what extent can development interventions be universal? What is the relationship between cultural landscapes and the scalability of development programs? Which aspects of interventions make them more or less likely to be scalable? I am interested in using ethnographic methods to start generating answers to these research questions in a comparative framework by examining interventions scaled across multiple, culturally heterogeneous, sites.

I am also keen to establish collaborations and cross-disciplinary research projects on the theme of scalability of development interventions. If this area of research overlaps with yours and you are interested in the possibility of collaboration, please contact me