The Undiscovered Country | Distribution

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The film is now available for purchase on DVD through CreateSpace and We have also signed a distribution contract with Alexander Street Press and expect the film to be available through their database soon.

We welcome individual requests for public screenings of the film, particularly at educational institutions. The film is available in a number of formats:

  • BetaCam SP (NTSC)
  • DVD (Region 0, NTSC)
  • QuickTime (h264, high quality)
  • QuickTime (h264, low quality)
  • Uncompressed .dv
  • Protected online streaming through

The film is available both with English subtitles over Marshallese sections, and with no subtitles. No other language versions currently exist; we are, however, looking for volunteers to translate the film’s subtitles into other languages.

To arrange a screening of the film, express your interest if you are a distributor, or offer your help with translating the film into another language, please get in touch with us through our Contact page.