Visions of Development | Streaming Films

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Films Division of India has made the vast majority of their films analyzed in my book Visions of Development available for online streaming. Below, you can access individual titles mentioned in each of the book's chapters. Many of the films not produced by the Films Division quoted in the book can be viewed elsewhere. Most of the British Documentary Film Movement films are available freely on YouTube; some of the colonial-era films made in India are accessible through the Colonial Film Project Website and the Imperial War Museum Film Archive. Several of the films are, unfortunately, not available for online streaming and can be only accessed at film archives in India and the UK. Please see the footnotes for these films in the book for full references.

Chapter 1 | Introduction

Chapter 2 | Tracing Colonial Documentary, 1926-1946

Chapter 3 | The Emergence of the Films Division: Institutional Roots and Tensions

Chapter 4 | Cinematic Imagining of the New Indian Citizen

Chapter 5 | 'Our Industrial Age:' Planning, Industrialization and Large Dams

Chapter 6 | Films Division's Transient Outliers, 1965-c.1973

Chapter 7 | Concluding Reflections: Visions of Development